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Auradon United: Coming Together
Starting one year after the barrier has been taken down the VK and AKs are still trying to reconcile there differences.
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Descendants Private Roleplay
This is private Disney Descendants RP, you must be invited to join. As this private rp for me and my rp friend.
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Just say the word
Living the life on Auradon, Evie has all she could ever want. And she would call anything perfect, as long as she was off the Isle. An unexpected event, changes the way she called Auradon perfect. That was when daughter of Maleficent came into her life, completely changing Evie's life dramatically.
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Real Love
Writer come talk about your stories and stuff like that. Enjoy!
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Disney Descendants: Morgana Daughter
Morgan is the daughter of the infamous Morgana who is Ursula's younger sister and Morgan's Aunt and Uma' s cousin when Mal comes back to the isle Morgan wants nothing more than the world to know her name
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Theres a new girl in Town
There is a new girl in descendents and she is known to be the scariest girl girl in The Island of of the lost after Mal. But she doesn't look like it.
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descendants kids
What would happen if King Beast were to take the children of the Isle as babies and adopted them out to all the citizens of Aurodon, who would adopt them
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