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Epic: The Battle for the Forest
Join either the Leaf Men, The Boggins, or be a Stomper, and help either protect or destroy the forest. Make an OC or take a Canon, and go through the plot of the movie, EPIC!
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A New World
A great number of years have passed since the war of Moonhaven. The New Boggin Republic; run by large and corrupt council of experts, and the Forest Monarchy; a militaristic nation being run by a leader that is more dictator than queen, have entered a shaky alliance. Skirmishes and fighting has all but disappeared in favour of diplomatic meetings. Will this hesitant peace last? Or will the forest fall back into war?
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An Epic RP
Jump into the Epic universe. Create an OC, whether it be a Leafman, Boggin, Stomper, or Jinn, and roam the forests of Moonhaven or the Boggins' desolate wastelands.
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Epic: The Return
Mandrake is back and at full strength. Its time for M.K. and her friends new and old to conquer him.
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Welcome to Moonhaven
If you love the movie Epic, come and join along to "Many leaves, one tree"
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More than a Feeling
It all started when Cory Monteith introduced himself to Lea Michele, he just knew he had to get to know her. Maybe even make her his, and for Her-she knew she had to get to know him as well and make him her’s too. 33
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