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Eragon RPG for everyone!
Come one come all! This is an Eragon RPG where you can create your own Rider and Dragons! Which will you choose: Good or Evil?
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dragon rpg
hatch a baby dragon train it till its an adult you can become immortal with your dragon by your side
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Eragon Roleplay
make a character and join. set during books. but if you only know the film it works to just we are in surda
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Darastrix Urthalrei di wer Lleisgarir Siksta
Title Translation: Dragon Riders of the Rising Sun / Nomeno ui wer truth... (This is the truth...)
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Eragon movie problems and ideas
I want all your problems and ideas for the problems with the movie, iv decided im going to send them to known addresses of Chris,The Director, producer, studios, and any of the actors i can find the Email addresses for.all support and critism is welcome
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What should happen to the Eragon series? Eg event
Please give your say to what you think should happen in Eragon. You can give ideas about anything or any characters, what should/could happen or anything!
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My Eragon World
Discuss anything Eragon here!
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