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Epic Rpg make ur OC and wait to be accepted!
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Fantastic Four Forum!
The first ever tripplef! Come talk about the movie and all the cool characters in it!
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Fantastic 4 RPG
A Role Playing Game for the movie! Please, not to many OCs! I am one, but still. Any one who wants to join, please feel welcome! We need, Reed, Ben, Sue, Johnny, Doom, Alicia and a few OCs.
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Anything Fantastic Four
A place to discuss anything about both Fantastic Four movies!
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A place where people can get help or give advice on stories, ideas, or anything else that may come to mind. Advisors currently needed.
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What Do You Think?
Girls:Who really would like to stab Jessica Alba? I mean, she gets to kiss Ioan Gruffud, and she has a lot of scenes with Chis Evans! Well, just give me your opinion.
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Help! Lost my muse can't find another!
Help! Muse died and really need someone to bounce ideas off. I am writing Sacrifice of the Heart and I think I know where I want to go with it but need someone to help with ideas to get there....Any help welcome
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just like everyother author i get writers block. well right now, i have it bad. i know what i want to happen, i even have an outline. but i dont have the words to put down. PLEASE HELP!
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Help with my Idea
Ok I'm fan of the Fantasic four comi book. SO my idea is that I have chacacter that Ben's sister and it Reed and my chacter. She also has a power. I was just wandering if this was a bad idea or just go with the idea?
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How to annoy the Fantasic 4
How to irritate our favorite heroes and villains
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