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Friday The 13th: Wrong TurnCurrently in Post-Production
The thirteen survivors of Jason's previous attacks have comed to temrs with themselves and made the decision with the help of a psychologist that they would return to Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, it soons becomes clear that the famed masked murderer has not forgotten those who stepped forth on his home. With their haunting past coming to life, everyone must try to figure a way how to stop Jason Voorheesonce and before he makes all of them his victims- permanently.
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Jason Fan Chat Room
This is for Jason Voorhees fans talk about your favorite Jason moments or your favorite Friday
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Friday the 13th: Blood of Camp Crystal Lake
A group of friends go to the legendary Camp Crystal lake were Jason Voorhees is ready to kill while one tries to learn of her connection to the Voorhees family.
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Friday the 13th rpg
Come in and rpg with your favorite masked murder
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Let's take a closer look into Jason's mind
Why don't we all discuss of how exactly our favorite zombie, hockey masked killer's mind works? Here, we'll talk about what he thinks, feels, is oppinions, and all things that make us human.
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Anything Friday the 13th
Just a place to talk about and discuss the Friday the 13th movies, including the new one and Freddy vs. Jason! Can be about Charcters, fanfic, plots, Jason, Crystal Lake, etc.
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Promoting my completed fanfic of my modern age remake of Friday the 13th. It's an adrenaline pumping thrill ride that will leave on the edge of suspense all the way through to it's shocking 2-part finale! Hope everyone enjoys it! R&R is always a plus! :)
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Jason BDAY
rp about f13
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Story Idea's or Challenges 3
Hi I'm not great at writing stories so I'm posting a list of ideas if people are interested
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