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Frozen 2 Roleplay (2020)
(October 2020) Frozen 2 is here. Should I say more? Come experience new adventures that'll follow alongside the new movies plotline. Claim your favorite Canons, or create an OC to jump right into the action!
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The Coldest Winds -- Frozen RP
Quite some time had passed since The Great Freeze, and, for the most part, things were back to normal. That was until one day a new evil set afoot. An evil known as Crailous. A being so powerful that only now, after generations, does he return. It is up to the Elementals Of Magic: Queen Elsa of Arendelle (Ice), Adeline Evans (Storm), and Bridge Calloway (Fire) to stop him.
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Frozen RPG
A private RP between me and RedHoodOutlaws!
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The New Frozen RP
FROZEN RP! This forum has a strict code to stay within the K intensity. All profanity and excessive violence and God-mod characters will resut in filtering and banning. The Disney universe is open for your enjoyment, however, it should stay within the Disney guidelines
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Frozen: A New Journey
A Private Rp. It has been three months since the events of the first movie. There has been peace in Arendelle and all seems right in the world. Things will soon change when Queen Elsa and company are called upon for aid by the trolls. They must go on a quest to learn what has happened, but they should proceed with caution. A new evil will arrive to attempt to take over Arendelle. Can this evil be stopped?
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Beware The Frozen Heart
Arendelle is a wonderful place! Especially now that the castle gates are open, Queen Elsa is using her winter magic to make fun for everyone, Princess Anna is enjoying life without rushing into an engagement, and the summer's back! Of course, there's still plenty of adventure - why, what with the trolls, the visiting dignitaries (like Princess Rapunzel and Prince Flynn), and Olaf the Snowman, it's impossible for there not to be! Claim Cannons, create OCs, roleplay, chat, and more!
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Arendelle Adventures RP
Private RP between DCdreamer55 and myself.
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Frozen Quality RP
This forum is for quality RPers. If you are fed up with canon characters being OOC, drama, ship wars, etc., this is the place for you. Hate will not be tolerated in this forum. We aim to make this friendly for the players, we want this to be a 'safe haven'. Our plan is to create a quality plot, written by quality writers. Please check the information, to see if this forum is for you. (Many canon characters open! Come claim them while you can!) (ACTIVE)
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Frozen: Tales From Arendelle
Welcome to my 'Frozen' Rp forum! If you're looking for a forum where you can Rp in the world of the movie that helped revitalize Disney, whether you're new to the game or wish to get back into it, then you've come to the right place. Now, before we get started, drama, ship wars and things of that nature will not be accepted within the forum; the purpose of this forum is to help revitalize 'Frozen' Roleplay, write a quality plot that justifies the goal and connect like minds along the way. *On Hiatus*
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The University of Arendelle
In an alternate universe, people from everywhere have come to the same university to learn, make new friends, and have adventures together! Play as anyone from Anna to Jack Sparrow, come on in and have fun!
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Arendelle Academy
After the events of Frozen, Elsa has opened her doors to others like her. Other people with special powers and talents from all of the realms to have a safe place to stay. Welcome to Arendelle Academy of Magic, where people come to learn how to control there powers. But evil is still stirring, an evil that wants to destroy eradicate those with powers from the human race. Will these talented youngers be able to stop this force, or will it destroy them, and take Arendelle with it? Frozen Roleplay. All welcome
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Make Your Own Frozen Universe RPG
If you really want a character, you don't have to be worried that it's taken here. Here you can create as many universes as you want to, with whoever pairing you feel like, and choose a partner to play it with you. Further explanation inside.
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Love is a frozen heart
RP ideas can be suggested. Must be set after the events of Frozen (if you have an idea that is set before or during the event PM me and I will consider). Canon characters and OC's will be accepted once approved. If you want to RP explicit content please do so through PM or time skip. Any questions? PM me. Have fun :)
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Let It Go RP
Do you dream of living amongst the people or Arendelle? Of joining epic quests alongside your favourite characters from Frozen? Of reliving the moments that made you gasp, cry or laugh? Then sign up! And not only follow some of the amazing adventures lined up but create your own plot lines and threads! The only limit on the forum is your imagination, so don't be afraid to let it go!
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Frozen Wonderland
Experience life after Frozen in a new way, role playing as canon characters or one of your own. Queen Elsa has opened up the gates and this is now a friendly community where all are welcomed! *ACTIVE*
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Frozen Lovers
This is a Forum for anyone who wants to talk about Frozen. Contests and Debates will be held. PM me if you want to join.
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Frozen RP! :)
Come into the Frozen Universe. Follow the adventure :) OC's welcome, or claim a canon and rp that way!
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Frozen Ice Forum
Frozen forum where you can create your own character and use it in the medieval times, other movie brands such as How to train your dragon, Brave, Tangled and more, create your own monarchs in different countries and have them interact with Arrendelle or claim monarchs from different movie brands, create your own magical beings and join the Academy or travel the world. Join the forum and see if you like it!
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Frozen RPG
Elsa is queen, Anna and Kristoff are now married, and everything is finally right in Arendelle. But some citizens of the kingdom feel their queen and unfit to rule with her powers. You can help control what happens by creating a OC or using a canon character.
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The Frozen Kingdom
Welcome to our kingdom. We RP anything Frozen - anything. Consider joining if you want some Frozen...oh, also? The haters never bothered us anyway.
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Frozen rp
After the storm and after the movie. What happens next is up to us.
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Frozen Discussion
A forum to discuss the newest Disney princess movie!
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Frozen Mythos
A source of information, theories, discussions, and in-depth looks into the inner-workings of the Frozen mythos. Characters, places, and magic-works available: if you want to write for Frozen, here is where you can answer your questions.
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The Land of Ice
People with ice powers are popping up all over Arendalle! Be one or just a normal townsperson, but have fun!
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Frozen Role Play
Conceal it, don't feel it don't let it show. This forum is to continue the movie version 'Frozen.' We all love summer and thats were this story begins. Cannons are available. OCs are accepted here.
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