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GiJoe: New War Roleplay
After saving the world from Cobra, Roadblock and the small team of surviving Joes received permission from the president of the United States to reinitiate the GIJOE program, and recruiting new members to fill the ranks in the absence of Duke and the others who were murdered. Now, take a stand either with the heroic Joes or the cunning Cobra in this never-ending war between Good and Evil, with the very freedom of the world at stake.
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Favourite Character?
Who was your favourite character from the 2009 GI.JOE film? Were there other characters from the 1980's TV series that should've been in the film?
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The GI Joe movie chat place
A place to come in and talk about the movie.
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Cobra Leader
Hey, this is the ultimate place where hard core Gi Joe The Rise Of Cobra fans can come hang out, like, talk about the movie and stuff, see who knows the most about the movie, stuff like that
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