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The Great Mouse Detective ROLEPLAY!
YAY! A GMD Roleplay! YAY! Canon and OC's are playable! Have a fun mystery!
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For GMD Fans
Do any GMD fans have a favorite part in the movie?
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The GMD Fun Forum
Here's a forum for you to discuss GMD. Have fun!
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The one and only RP for GMD!
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Anyone interst in a gmd idea
Hi there I am wondering if anyone is interst in this gmd idea I have. Basil and my oc Alyon had a baby girl mouse named Garnet well a months had gone smoothly until a month before Garnet's first birthday danger comes back to haunt him as he fears for his
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Favorite Fanfic Character
We all know who everyone's favorite Canon character is by now, but what about Fanon? Who's your favorite Fan created character?
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How, exactly, would YOU desrcibe Basil of Baker St
Hello ! I'm working on a Basil of Baker Street Fanfiction, and I would like to know how other people like to describe him to help me with my Characterization.
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mice and gems
after bubbling the cluster the gems decide to head home but take a wrong turn in London 1898 where they accidentally pick up very small mice and a dog. now Steven, garnet, amethyst and pearl will show them what its like in 2016
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