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Closed GOTG RP made for Breana and I
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Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Chronicles
Join your favorite Guardians, Ravagers, and Space Dwellers on their misadventures throughout space! Takes place between GOTG Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. OC's welcome. 18 Only
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Return of the Guardians, A GotG RP
"We're the Guardians of the Galaxy." Now's your chance to join the universe of the Maverick team known as the Guardians! Be you a Ravager, a Kree or Pirate, a Xandarian or Terran? Your destiny awaits, within this universe. This forum is going to operate on a pre-GotG 2 timeline until all members have the chance to see the movie, and if the canon is undisturbed. Let's hope. My rules are that you respect other members, don't god-mod, and no smut.
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Galactic Roleplay
An average roleplay in the GotG universe. Come on in, claim canons, create OCs, chat, RP, and more!
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Guardians of the Middle School in roleplay!
It's a new year at Milano Middle School, and a new year means new students! Who will you be? How will your 7th grade year turn out?
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Guardians of the Galaxy Talk
This forum is for anything GOTG related. Here you can talk freely about favorite characters, the upcoming sequel, and also indulge in other entertaining features, including our Rocket Raccoon Chat! You can try talking to him... but good luck with getting anything appropriate sounding out of his mouth. Here you may also RP if you would like!
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Roleplay of the Galaxy
For all of you who can't find a forum to suit your needs. Roleplay, chat, or both.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Role play
A role play on which you choose the character you want to be and write as them.
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Star Wars Crossover Idea's
I've had this feeling that a SW/GOTG crossover should be done, but so far, no one has done one of any kind yet. If you want to discuss Idea's for a crossover, or want to offer challenges to anyone to do your Idea, come on down.
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