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Return of the Guardians, A GotG RP
"We're the Guardians of the Galaxy." Now's your chance to join the universe of the Maverick team known as the Guardians! Be you a Ravager, a Kree or Pirate, a Xandarian or Terran? Your destiny awaits, within this universe. This forum is going to operate on a pre-GotG 2 timeline until all members have the chance to see the movie, and if the canon is undisturbed. Let's hope. My rules are that you respect other members, don't god-mod, and no smut.
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Galactic Roleplay
An average roleplay in the GotG universe. Come on in, claim canons, create OCs, chat, RP, and more!
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Guardians of the Middle School in roleplay!
It's a new year at Milano Middle School, and a new year means new students! Who will you be? How will your 7th grade year turn out?
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Roleplay of the Galaxy
For all of you who can't find a forum to suit your needs. Roleplay, chat, or both.
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Guardians of the Galaxy Role play
A role play on which you choose the character you want to be and write as them.
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Star Wars Crossover Idea's
I've had this feeling that a SW/GOTG crossover should be done, but so far, no one has done one of any kind yet. If you want to discuss Idea's for a crossover, or want to offer challenges to anyone to do your Idea, come on down.
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