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Halloween Forum
This Forum is to talk about Halloween Any one of there movies, By Jenna Legge
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Halloween RPG
Come in and fight for your night on a killers night
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Halloween: Michael MyersOC?
Do you despise the idea of pairing the infamous Michael Myers with a oc? Doesn't matter if they're well written or a marysue? Or are you in love with the idea of our favorite serial killer with an oc? Come and share your thoughts and opinions.
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Michael myers blog
Talk about your favorite Halloween storys, movies
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Halloween III
It's Halloween, and Michael Myers is coming...
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halloween reveange of michal
it is about two teenage girls on halloween night and they meet up with Michal... You will have to find out the rest when you read it!
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drsls The Dr Sam Loomis Society
for the discussion of all things Dr. Sam Loomis. Yes, even though I don't particularly care for it, even RZ's Loomis is welcome here, though my own personal preference is definitely the original Loomis.
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the doll
during a summer vacation at colorado. ashly finds a abandoned house with her little cousin and her brother finds a doll that was still shiny and still her shape. they take it home and what the kids find is a new thing that this doll does. but do parents believe them. no... but this doll is not a normal doll. this doll is something eles.
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Story Idea's or Challenges 4
Hi I'm not great at writing stories so I'm posting a list of ideas if people are interested
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