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The Hills Have Fans
Whether you're a bloodthirsty savage or a victim lost in the desert, anyone can enter. Survival guaranteed.
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Ask The Hills Have Eyes Charecters Including My OC
The number of forums for this catagory is just apauling.
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Mutant Family Values A Community Dedicated to The Hills Have Eyes
Hello all! I invite you to come and join myself over at Mutant Family Values, where you can sate your appetite for all things Hills Have Eyes related, including both the original films and their remakes! We are a respectful bunch, and will allow quite frankly anything to be requested and/or posted, so long as it pertains to the Hills films. You may also use this community as a way to share your works with other fans! So please, if it isn't too much of a bother, come join us over at mutantfamilyvalues.! We'r
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