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Welcome Monster Nerds!
I hereby summon all ghosts and goblins! Come Phantoms and Spectres from the gates of hell, thou are hereby invited to let loose thy earthly ties and join together! But seriously, not enough is going on in the Hotel Transylvania Fandom. Let's have some fun guys! This was a fantastic movie and I don't really care what happens here as long as you guys aren't mean to each other. Give out prompts, set up challenges or contests, chat about your favorite parts, or roleplay! If you like Hotel T come on in and join
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RPs Set in the Series
This forum is specifically for RPs that are set in the series, not the movie! Because I actually prefer the series. I love Lydia.
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Hotel Transylvania 3 Rp
PS TAKES PLACE AFTER THE THIRD MOVIE SO IT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. Please come in and read the description and rules.
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