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Cørtex Dragøn Academy
Do you like Dragons? Do you don't mind being burned, crushed, bitten and scratched by huge, firebreathing reptiles? Then congratulations! You're either brave, or grazy, enough to be a Dragon Trainer! Pick and train your Dragon, explore the Isle of Cortex and train your fearsome reptile warrior for battle! The lands of the Synchron Archipalego are full of wild Dragons. Question is: Who's going to train them...? [NOT DEAD! Includes slight AU. Does not take place on Berk]
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ᚴᛁᚾᚴᛏᚢᛙ ᚢᚠ ᛏᚼᛁ ᛏᚱᚾᚴᚢᚾᛋ ᚢᚴ ᚱᚢᛚᛁᛒᛚᚾᚢ
Welcome to Berk, come join us as a Hairy Hooligan in this post-movie roleplay; taking place three generations after the defeat of the Green Death. This forum focuses on roleplaying, but we offer writing help and ideas as well as movie discussions. All are welcome. Intermediate RP. (Runic forum title not visible on Safari or Chrome) Closed.
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Live it Up : Dragon Training: Let's Start!
So, I'm annoyed at the small amount of Forums for How to Train your Dragon. Here is my solution! Welcome to Berk. Dragons and Humans live in harmony (For the most part). Create your OC and explore, make friends and fight! Not into RP? That's cool, come and have a chat or rant dem feels.
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La Academia de Dragones
¿Jinete, Berserker, Berkiano, Marginado, Dragón o Cazador? ¡Este foro es para todos los amantes del mundo de How To Train Your Dragon! Aquí hay retos, juegos, desafíos y demás. ¿Te animas a participar?
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The HTTYD Roleplay
Come one, come all to the HTTYD RolePlay. Create your own Viking, Outcast, Dragon, or you can get the original characters as well. Enjoy and have fun! ;D!
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How To Train Your Dragon: Roleplay
Be a human or dragon in this epic adventure. Be your own character! Dragon or human, any species, any player. It's your life! Your Destiny.
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Dragon Isles OC Roleplay
In a world beyond earth is a world Full of dragons, where humans are scarce. This is a Great Land with Miles and miles and miles of grassy plain, Capes of Mountans, and Snowy Plains. Who are you in this epic tale?
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The Barbaric Archipelago
In the far north, only the strong can survive the climate, along with what roams the small, rocky islands and the icy terrain. But who are the strong? The might dragon hunters? The learning dragon trainers? Or the mysterious and disgraced Halflings? Hunt, fight, and contribute to whichever tribe you live in, if you live in a tribe at all.
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Live, ride, battle-That is the life of a dragon trainer, after all.
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We Go Where No One Goes
**Active** After two giant dragons, a metal leg and a the appearance of a Night Fury, you would think Berk has had its fair share of drama. Well, unfortunately things are never quiet on an island full of dragons. Where do you come in this epic tale? Set after HTTYD2. RPG
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Viryim Dragon Academy
Here on the Isle of Viryim, we have many things, but out main thing is out training program. But we don't train dogs. We train dragons. Giant flying lizards that can crush, burn, claw and bite you. If you like the sound of that then you are welcome to live here! We have so many places to explore in the Esrare Archipelago. ( Does not take place on Berk. )
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How to Train a Writer
A forum for all things pertaining to the writing of fanfiction. Share writing tips and challenges. Bounce ideas off people. Perfect your characterizations and help others do the same!
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How to Train Your Dragon: Sky's the Limit RPG
I saw the movie and i couldnt help myself and do this. Join me as we start our journey into the world of HTTYD!
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Berk RP
Create an OC or choose a canon character and RP in Berk. Please watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 before RPG unless you want major spoilers. I'm only saying this because the movie is still in theaters.
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Draconis Tribe RP
Astrid couldn't stop him. And he left with nothing but Toothless and the Book of Dragons. He went far to the south, hoping to be alone, planning to stop the war between dragons and vikings. But rumors spread of a man that rode a dragon as black as night. And those rumors attracted other riders.
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How To Train Your Dragon
Do you want to do this RP with me?
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How to train in the Dragon Academy
Welcome to the Berk Dragon Academy! Take the reins and soar as you train to become a professional dragon rider. Quests and adventures await! As training begins now!
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A Dragon's Tale
Crystallion12 & DarkScale WolfLoverBoy's ROLEPLAY. We continue it here! NO LIMITSS! XD (Anyone who would like to join a Roleplay, there are two Roleplays you can join... We're just taking advantage of having no PM message limit. XD)
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Berk's Cozy Hangout
Dragon lovers from everywhere, share your thoughts about the movie and let your dreams fly! Formally "How to Talk About Your Dragon".
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How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay
How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay! Also, just talk about it, share things, and maybe a few contests.
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the httyd free role play land
finally a role play that let's you be creative and do want ever you want with your characters here all are welcomed no need of being accepted everyone is happy here we still have rules. Plus this forum is immortal
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How to Train Your Dragon Roleplay
come to RP in the Berk dragon academy. Create an OC or just chat.
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This rp all contains only ocs, you can reference the HTTYD character. You can make multibles character, your own dragon/viking tribes, and even your own dragons!
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How To Train Your Dragon: Riders of Berk RPG
Welcome to Berk. It's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. The village? In a word, sturdy. It's been here for seven generations but every single building is new. Except of course the newly refurbished dragon training arena.
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How to Train Your Dragon: Dragon Defenders
Set a year after the second movie. Take to the skies after you train your dragon from the academy, or find one out in the wild! Fight off the attacks on Berk, chat with other vikings or just hang out with your dragon. Or join the forces against Berk in an attempt to over throw it and become the best viking out there.
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