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How to Adventure with your Dragon
Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the clouds on a dragon? Wielding an axe or sword like a master? Being a sailor on the northern seas? Living as a viking, or maybe even a dragon? Here, you can live these dreams through roleplay! Step into the HTTYD universe and play as an available canon or an OC. LITERATE.
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How to Train Your Dragon RP
An RP for How to Train Your Dragon. Takes place a little after the movie.
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HTTYD-The Return
Fourteen months ago their was a forum created and owned by WhisperArtemisMoon now known as Aremis Feary. this is the revival of the RPG with old and new people. We shall Begin anew. THIS IS THE MOVIE VERSE NOT TV. IT WILL HAVE SOME TV-VERSE IN IT.
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Dragons of the Northern Skies
Just a small roleplay that I have made, don't take this as competition other forums, just a little cozy place where everyone can Roleplay, except illiterates.
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Just another Train Your Dragon RP. :"D We're cray cray and fun!
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HTTYD: Roleplaying of Epic Proportions
Welcome to the roleplaying forum of epic proportions! Sure, it may not look like much on the outside, but when you enter through the front doors, you'll find personality, daring, and overall, a want to be there! So come one, come all, and roleplay to your hearts content! I accept OC's, and I encourage that you make quite a few!
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Welcome to Berk
Welcome to Berk. It's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. The village? In a word, sturdy. It's been here for seven generations but every single building is new. RP
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You Know You're a Fan of HTTYD When
You Know You're a fan of HTTYD when... This is the forum for listing what makes you a fan or just discussing general topics.
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This is Berk
"This is Berk. The best kept secret this side of, well, anywhere. Granted it may not look like much, but this wet heap of rock has more than a few surprises. Life here is amazing, just not for the faint of heart. You see, while most places enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we prefer a little something we like to call... Dragon Racing!" Peace with the dragons has be maintained. However, there is still the everyday challenge of staying alive on Berk. Think you have what it takes?
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How To Train Your Dragon Legends of Berk
This is a HTTYD Rpg that takes place after all the main characters have grown old, and died. So it is full of a new generation of dragons, and their riders.
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How To Train your Dragon Rp
Hi and Welcome to How To train your dragon RP. u can either choose a normal How to train your dragon character or create your own.
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On the Wings of a Dragon
Welcome to Burke, the home of Vikings and Dragons alike. Choose to be a Dragon, Viking, or anything else you can think of. Also claim a canon or two. Now spread your wings, mount your Dragons, and have the ride of your life! ;
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Caldo Toothcup para el Alma (y Crack-Pairings para el Corazón)
Foro hermano del Grupo de FB.
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This is Berk
For lack of a better name, that's what it's called. Any questions and/or comments about the movie is encouraged. Come and chat with a million other HTTYD lovers like you!
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Yes, this is where peoples can talk about HTTYD!
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Dragon Riders Unite
Calling all Dragon Riders! Riding has become a part of life here on Berk. But we want to explore more vast areas. Even beyond Dragon's Edge and the Dragon Sanctuary. There must be more out there. Join us as we fly across open waters to discover new islands, new dragons, and new people. (Some AU may be involved.)
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Meridians of Misery
"We have fishing, hunting and a charming view of the sunsets"
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Dragon Academy
Welcome to Dragon Academy! If you're here that means that either you want to get a dragon egg or you already have a reptilian companion! Now learn how to treat them, tame more dragons, go on missions to protect the Viking world and more! Yeah, some missions might be dangerous but danger is part of being a true Viking!
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How To Train Your Dragon Roleplay
Welcome! To the island of Berk! Choose your viking name and or dragon name and description and start your adventure as a viking of Berk! Only one person can be Hiccup and that shall be me! Because if everyone plays as Hiccup every now and then, it will ge
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HTTYD Ultimate Roleplay
The Ultimate Center for all things HTTYD
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To Fly Another Day
Role-play anywhere in the HTTYD universe. Choose to be a dragon or a human and join in the fun. Suggest new RP settings, go on wild adventures of your own making, and just maybe make a few friends as you strive to Fly Another Day. Unleash your imagination and have fun!
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HTTYD Central
Welcome to HTTYD Central- the ULTIMATE HTTYD Movie Forum on Come talk about the movie, the fanfics, or anything else randomness welcome
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Foot Factor
Here is the place you can write YOUR opinion on how Hiccup lost his foot!
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How to Train your Dragon: Welcome to Berk
This is a how to train your dragon RP, becuase there are not that many. it is an RP but if your not into that stuff you can chat about movies, books, anything! But if you want to RP, Welcome to Berk! Make a Oc(Viking and Dragon), or claim a cannon.
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Hiccup and Astrid
Are Hiccup and Astrid meant to be? Or should they be with someone else? And if so, who should they hook up with? Penelope, over and out!
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