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The Ice Age RP
It's time to get cool. Come roleplay as anyone from the movies from Manny to Granny, and just let the good times roll!
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Ice Age forum 1
A general Ice Age forum, discuss anything.
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Ice Age RP! Come in and Play!
Come on in! Meet new friends! Make new stories with your favourite characters! :)
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Ice Age role play!
Anyone welcome. Oc's allowed.
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The Ice Age Movies and Fanon
A place to discuss the validity of whether Diego and Soto being brothers holds water, whether or not Soto deserves to be turned into a Draco In Leather Pants, and other items of fandom interest in this forum.
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Ice Age Slash Forum
A forum to discuss any possible pairing ideas, help with a story, or just your opinion. Companion to the Ice Age Slash Community
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Ice Age 5
Should Blue Sky Studios do a fifth Ice Age movie? What do you want to happen? Submit your answers right here!
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A forum about Roshan A.K.A: Pinky! Includes discussions and story introductions!
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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Do some chit-chat discuss story ideas all about the new film: Ice Age 3! Talk about anything you want! From favorite characters to future sequels! Come over here and give it a try!
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Favorite Ice Age main character
Users can post and discuss their favorite main character here. The main characters are Manny, Scratte, Ellie, Peaches, Sid, Diego, Buck, Crash, Eddie, Scrat, Shelly, Egbert, Yoko, Momma, Rudy and Sylvia. Only these characters are allowed to be discu
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Not so sure about Ice Age Th4w?
A forum where you can talk about what you think about the rumored movie Ice Age Th4w, or if you want it to be a different plot because you're not so sure about this one.
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There's a new Ice Age 4 plot! NOT 'Th4w Fourth' which was a load of crap; something else! Read to see!
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Diego and Shira
Talk about Diego and Shira.
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My BuckyBoy Forum
For all of you who are Buck-crazy like me! XD
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Diego and Shira? The Best?
Is Diego and Shira the best pairing from Ice Age? Or is it just another horrible pairing due to lack of character developement and rushed plot? Is Diego better off single or is a relationship too much for him? -This is basically for Non-Dira Supporters, but DiegoxShira fans are more than welcome :)-
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Welcome to the Ice Age!
Welcome! This is basically a role play forum set in the world of Ice Age (the franchise). RP as Manny, Sid, Diego or anyone else in Ice Age, as well as any OCs that you may own or have permission to RP as. Our #1 rule here: Be nice, and have fun!
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Interspecies Relationships
This forum is about interspecies relationships of Ice Age.
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Deigo and Shira
I love Deigo and Shira as a couple. What do you think? Let me know your opinions.
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Ice Age Challenges
Ice Age Challenges! Come join in the fun!
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Ice Age 5 Petition To Make Things Right: Your voice counts!
This forum is dedicated to the petition of Ice age 5. The petition is made to fix the problems that could happen and are most likely to in Ice age 5 development.
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Wainscott Weasels?
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El instituto (personajes ice age )
Los personajes de ice age Diego,Manny y Sid son humanos y estan en un instituto, todo va normal hasta que una preciosa chica nueva lo alborota todo.
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¿Rara o Shira?
Diego es un joven como otro cualquiera. Va al insti, tiene amigos, una novia hermosa. Pero tiene un secreto que solo su mejor amiga/hermana sabe. Diego está enamorado de la super estrella musical y una de las mejores bailarinas, Shira K. Ivanova. Shira es una joven cantantate, que lo único que desea es que la acepten tal cual es. Con la ayuda de su única amiga/hermana mayor/manager, Mila, se inscribirá en el mismo curso e Instituto que Diego, pero bajo una falsa identidad.
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