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The Aftermath of Inception
Wanna role play Inception but have no where to go? Yes, were open. Role play action, romance, drama or anything you want. Just no slash.
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The Inception Network
An underground network, run by dream specialists carrying out inceptions worldwide, just like how Dominic Cobb did recently. Intrigue, espionage, and secrecy, all while keeping a grip on reality...OCs and canons more than welcome!
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Inception Fanfiction here!
All fans welcome! Post your favorite quotes, characters or ideas! Ask questions! We shall try to answer!
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Inception RP!
There will be a topic for characters stuck in Limbo, and for characters on jobs, and for characters just wreaking havoc... And... Stuff...
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Inception Ending
Do you think the ending was a dream? Or do you think it was reality? Explain your reasons why you believe it to be so.
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Arthur and Ariadne
Fans of this pairing, flock here!
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The Point Man and The Architect
Because we all know that "Yeah, it was worth a shot" is the greatest line in Inception. Dedicated to Arthur and Ariadne.
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Inception Trope Development
Where we can rehash ideas about the Inception verse, debate what is canon and fanon, and build up the ships in peace.
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Are you an Inception Fan?
For all those who a fans of Inception... come in and see what I'm talking about!
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What car would Eames drive?
Character reflection? I'm writing a fic at the moment that requires Eames to drive a car and I'm just wondering, what care would you have Eames drive?
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