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The Commander and The Secretary
Enter to discuss 007 and his relationship with the lovely Miss Moneypenny, or anything related to the two. If you have a plot bunny, feel free to unload here and maybe one of us will take it up. Have fun!
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The Name Is Bond, James Bond
A forum to discuss story ideas, movie plots, characters, literature and relationships within the Bond franchise.
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James Bond actors
Tell who you thinks plays Bond the best and why.
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Life in MI-7?
All those Skyfall, Q, M (Judi Dench only!), and Daniel Craig fans out there, step right up!
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Just general discussion about ATAK. Characters, plot, inspiration, tangents, likes and dislikes.
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Bond And Vesper
The forum for the fans of Daniel Craig As James Bond and Eva Green as Vesper Lynd. talk about anything in the limits of your imagination concerning Bond and his first true love.
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Fanfiction Idea Discussion Forum Goldeneye
Discussing story ideas for the James Bond film, mainly surrounding Boris Greshinko and Alec Trevelyan. Any character, really. OC friendly.
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Crossover challenge
I have many crossover Ideas for James Bond that I can't seem to have time to come up with. Check out some Ideas I have set up as challenges for crossovers and see which ones you would feel like doing. Good luck
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