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Anywhere Is Possible: Rp
Anywhere is Possible. The war between the Jumpers and the Paladins is just beginning but already, those gifted with the ability to 'jump' are dying everywhere around the globe, murdered. Tensions are rising and the normal world is at stake. No where is safe. Which side are you on?
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Jumper RPG
In a world of Jumpers and Paladins, nothing is certain to happen. All canon characters are alive and playable, however OCs are welcome as well! So, all that's left is one question; What side are you on?
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Jumper RP
And RP for the Movie Jumper; cannon's and OC's welcome
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Jumper Awesomenessinacan Discussion
Like Jumper? Come here and talk about it! Even if you don't, just come give your thoughts. :
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