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Jurassic Park RP
Create a Human, a Dino, or something in between and have fun.
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Jurassic Park Rp
Here we rp our own version of Jurassic park! Create a character, rp as a dinosaur, or create an island!
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Jurassic Park: Where Chaos Reigns
Jurassic Park! This forum is open to everyone to discuss Michael Crichton's masterpiece. We can talk about the movies, books, fanfictions, characters, dinosaurs, and any aspect of JP that you enjoy! Let's have fun talking about JP. Welcome!
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Welcome To Jurassic Park, An RP
Ever wanted to visit one of the Jurassic Park islands? As yourself? How about one of the origonal characters? Anyone else? Jump in and hang on for the ride. A Jurassic Park role play.
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Jurassic Park Roleplay
Since all of the Other Forums are Dead I made this one and (Insert Generic Summary Here)
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Jurassic Park: The Depth of Fiction and Fantasy
This forum is open to all who wish to discuss an aspect of some Jurassic Park Fanfictions that concerns ‘the stuff of Science Fiction’ within the Jurassic Park Universe. Any related topics may be discussed.
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Jurassic Park Carnivores: what's real, and what's
Here is where everyone can dish out what they know about the predatory dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series, in terms of fact vs. fiction! How well do you know your carnivores?
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Survival on Isla Sorna
How would you survive the island?
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Discuss the 1996 movie starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, including fics, vids, etc! :D
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A T rex's Journey
The information source of my five-part A T.rex's Journey series. Feel free if you want to give in helpful suggestions & even crossovers from different franchises into this.
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