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Jurassic World RP
Welcome to Jurassic World! We have many rides, and your experience is sure to be- RED ALERT! Everyone to the center of the park. All rides are closed down, make your way to the center of the park. Come RP as a cannon character, someone that works at the park, someone visiting, or maybe even a dinosaur. Can you make it out alive, come and find out. Active, members wanted.
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jurassic park jurassic world rp
jurassic park and jurassic world rp forum, can you survive? members wanted active!
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Jurassic Chaos
Set in an alternate universe twenty years after the first Jurassic Park, Jurassic World doesn't exist and the islands are still abandoned, but something on Isla Sorna has caught the attention of certain people for certain reasons. Though as always with these islands, anything involved with them never seems to go exactly as planned. So create a human, dinosaur, other ancient animal, or something in between and join in the fun. (If demand is great enough, I'll also add Jurassic World and Jurassic Park topics)
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The Five Deaths of Life
Live the life of a genetically modified animal upon one of the Isles of Death. Live the life of a beast, wild and free, or of an animal in cage under the guidance of a keeper. Rule a park and manage the beasts within. Can you control life, and contain it, or will it escape, and find a way?
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Jurassic Park Rp
Here we rp our own version of Jurassic park! Create a character, rp as a dinosaur, or create an island!
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Jurassic World: The Roleplay
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Welcome To Jurassic Park, An RP
Ever wanted to visit one of the Jurassic Park islands? As yourself? How about one of the origonal characters? Anyone else? Jump in and hang on for the ride. A Jurassic Park role play.
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Jurassic World:The Park is Open
Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to Jurassic World. A place of where the prehistoric creatures that once walked the Earth now roam in open environments for public amazement. The park is open.
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Jurassic Park Roleplay
Since all of the Other Forums are Dead I made this one and (Insert Generic Summary Here)
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Jurassic World: OC Survival RP
Jump into the thrilling and adventurous scenarios of the Jurassic experience. With OCs being the primary players.
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Jurassic Park Carnivores: what's real, and what's
Here is where everyone can dish out what they know about the predatory dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park series, in terms of fact vs. fiction! How well do you know your carnivores?
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Jurassic World: Conservation
After Simon Masrani bought out Ingen, Isla Sorna, the infamous 'Site B' has been converted from a restricted zone to an area for research and documentation, and those who are there to study must constantly fight against the natural order of the island, lest all falls into chaos once again.
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jurassic world: mutation
based off of jurassic world the game, the indominus never escaped. now new problems are arriving. can you help mr. masrani keep jurassic world running?
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A T rex's Journey
The information source of my five-part A T.rex's Journey series. Feel free if you want to give in helpful suggestions & even crossovers from different franchises into this.
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Jurassic Park Discussion
Here we just discuss Jurassic Park anything! Characters, movies, novels...You name it, we discuss it.
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Jurassic world 2
Jurassic world, après sa déconvenue avec l'Indominus rex, est racheté par de riches investisseurs qui, fort des expériences passées, veulent en faire une réserve. Pendant ce temps, un homme en partie bionique cherche à gagner Isla Nublar pour rejoindre son ami Owen Grady. En chemin, il retrouve des hommes qu'il a croisés lors de la guerre du Golfe et qui se sont installés sur une île voisine, en compagnie de petits dinosaures. Pourquoi cette association? Que font-ils là ? La réponse viendra rapidement.
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Meet Maisie
After Jurassic world fallen kingdom I had great Idea make star wars, spongebob, dinosaur, walking with dinosaurs and Jurassic world together in my universe
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Jurassic Tinker Auther messages and communications
A discussion area for my Jurassic Park story, come in and tell me what you think about what happens and what you'd like to see.
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Jurassic World - A New Caretaker
Pols! polls for days!
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Abandoned Jurassic Park RP
A made up island I call "Isla Good Name" Be a human or a Dino. Made because every RP is Ding-Dong Dead.
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