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The Round Table Room
This forum is a place to discuss, or vent about, King Arthur fanfiction. Also, if you are looking for a fanfiction, or need help with finding a beta, this is a good place to start looking.
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King Arthur RolePlay
Here you can role-play King Arthur; which basically means you can make your own characters or take over one from King Arthur.
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King Arthur, the movie and characters
Hello! So I thought I would start a forum about King Arthur and his knights. Of course I am a fan of the movie, but I think I have grown to like the stories that you all produce more, then the actual movie... : Anyway, just write what you think, favorites and dislikes. Would be fun to be able to talk with people who all share the interest in this movie! :
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All about Gawain
Well, as the title states, this forum is all about our gorgeous, beloved Gawain! Come on in and share your thoughts on this wonderful knight. What you loved, what you you hated, anything at all! Just enjoy and keep it fun!
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Anyone up for a challenge?
Every few weeks i'll post a challenge, and if anybody is interested in writeing a story for it, your more then welcome to. You can also come and talk about the movie and the legends. Remember to have fun, and enjoy!
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Tristan and Gawain?
What would happen it Tristan and Gawain got together? I just can't wait til i finish my other stories then i get to work on that one....
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The Lancelot Forum
Who can help but fall in love with Lancelot's amazing smirk? You just know it could knock a thousand women off their feet! Come here to talk about the beautiful Dark Knight...
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The Slash Forum
What's better than one hot knight? Two hot knights. What's hotter than two hot knights? Two hot knights getting it on! Come on in if the thought of the gorgeous knights from the movie getting together makes you drool.
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The Squires Tails
Hey if you have the Read the Squire's Tails by G. Morris. Go in to this i have a question for you. you can also post your own question. I know this doesnt have to do with the movie but it has to do with King Arthur and i had no where else to put it
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King Arthur Plot Idea
An idea for a King Arthur plot evolves both 15th century and 5th century characters. The plot is what would it be like if the Samartan Knights under Arthur's command met the Knights under Arthur Pendragon's command. This is for fairy tale & King Arthur.
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this has been done before but if you have an o.c for a story and you would like to formerly introduce them here is where you can go.
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Plot Bunny Field
Plot bunnies will be hoping aplenty in this forum. If you are in a rut and need some ideas, or a place to chat, you are more then welcome!
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Nobility Rewrite!
Ok, so I'm going to rewrite my King Arthur fic Nobility. I'm gonna ask for your help on this one and to just give me your oppinions. Don't attack each other with insults as to how their idea sounds; just some good clean idea bouncing.
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All in all
Yeah, lol. I wanted a place where people can talk about the best movie in the world. Yes, im talking about King Arthur lol.
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King Arthur
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searching for a fic please help!
Im looking for a fic its has an original female character and an original male character. the ofc works at the bar with vanora and is like bors little sister and the omc is another knight. its pre movie. the ofc had an affair with dagonet but he leaves her because he loves tristan. all the knights are against her being with him. i forget their names. its driving me crazy ive looked in the archive for it and i dont know why but i didnt favorite it. i think her name was raven but i may be thinking of another
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Looking for a story
Hi. I'm looking for a Tristan/oc story I read quite a while ago. I believe the character's name was Gaea or something similar but she was from Tristan's village and was sent with the knights to Britain. She was pregnant with Tristan's child but he didn't know. He finds out years later when they return from training and the two, eventually, reconcile. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've been dying to reread this story!
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