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Kingsman: The Royal Year
This takes place after The Golden Circle (the 2017 film that is yet to be released)... The Kingsman needs new Recruits. Most of the other members have died, except Roxy, Eggsy, and Merlin. There is a mysterious man who's intentions seem...deadly.
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Kingsman: The Secret Service
Where talk all about Kingsman the movie can be talked about. From how we liked the set up, the characters, plot, fight scenes, etc.
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Kingsman and Kick-Ass crossover
If anyone feels that there should be a crossover between these two Mark Millar comic book adaptations, then this is the place
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Club of the Catholic whores
Este foro eta creado para todas y todos los que aman el mundo de Kingsman el servicio secreto sobretodo de las parejas como Hartwin (Harry Hart y Eggsy Unwin) y todas las que se les ocurra. Habrá retos sobre cualquier temática y personajes variados además de topics de interés general ¿Que esperan para participar?
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