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OC Academy
Come one, come all! Bring your OC into this world of role play! Dine in the mess hall, meditate in the gardens, FIGHT IN THE ARENA! Or you could just chat. But all are welcome, as long as you're an OC!
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kung fu panda unidos
este foro es para todos aquellos fan de kung fu panda que quieran intercambiar opiniones, jugar, probar conocimiento, conocerse, etc. .
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Panda Time
General discussion for the movie. Talk about the movie, characters, or anything else you want to. May contain spoilers.
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Kung Fu Panda Role Play: Legends of Awesomness
Create a character and join this exciting role play where you can befriend the lovable Panda Po, train with the Furious Five or even fight the despicable Shen!
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Kung Fu Panda Academy Role Play
Fancy knowing what happened to Po and the Furious Five after the events of KFP2? Well, now you can know; you're the one who's making it! Create your own character, or control one of the cannon characters, and create your story of Kung Fu!
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Pears? No, Pairs! You silly Panda!
A forum devoted solely to all the non-existent pairings in Kung Fu Panda. If you can think it, someone can write it!
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Who is your favorite Kung fu panda pairing?
Hey guys! Drame Sapphire is here to talk about our favorite Kung fu panda pairings and I won't tell you guys who is my favorite Kung fu panda so feel free to chat! -
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Time to PARTY! This is the place to go where your Kung Fu Panda OCS can party until they drop! Sounds fun, huh?
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Kung Fu Panda Characters
A topic list of all the characters of Kung Fu Panda and new characters from the series and second movie.
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Kung Fu CHAOS!
The forum you wanna go to for the ultimate entropic experience! welcome, and please, wipe your feet before coming in. i just mopped...
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OC Roleplay: The Treasure of the Dragon King
Join in on the adventure of a lifetime, filled with danger, action, suspense, dozens of riddles, secret tombs, and complicated traps! Don't worry, there WILL be comedy. Star as your own OC on this daring trek across China, alongside the OCS of many other RPers! And best of all, find the legendary riches of the Dragon King!
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Kung Fu Panda Roleplay
Come here to chat, roleplay, and more!
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Ask the Furious Five
Same as the story, only updates will be more frequent. Only rules are to respect others, not take what the characters say to heart, and to ask one to two questions per post. That, and to have fun, however you want to take that!
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Who do you think Tigress' parents are?
A question I've always wanted answered...who are Tigress' parents *insainly evil laugh* *cough*
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Come join us as we engage in the awesomeness that is Kung Fu!
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Kung Fu Panda Roleplay
This is my take on the role-playing adventures that many people have decided to create. In this forum, you, the writer, will create your own character to participate in the events of the story chosen at the moment. I will pick the first adventure, and I will post rules for both the present story and the future stories. For now, just some basic rules for characters. 1. No RP-ing as any of the already existing characters. That's what fan-fiction is for. 2. Try and be as original as possible, at least wh
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Kung Fu Panda RP Forum
Come and RP ANY of the orrigional characters or make an OC to use!
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Kung fu panda: Lost tales
Tai lung is gone, beaten by the Dragon Warrior in a one on one bout of will. Peace has been restored to the valley. Or has it? Peace is a rare thing, so often does it pass by none notice it's transgression into the next world. Do you?
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talk about whatever you want, pairs, the second movie thats supossed to come out, your favorite cheracter, whatever you want!..just make sure its not offensive
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Tigress and Tai lung fan group area
this area for fans of Tigess and Tai lung talk aboutanything you like about them
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kung fu panda OC
un mundo en el que podrás ser parte de la historia entra y diviértete todo lo que puedas . un lugar lleno de aventuras . suspense . alegría y demás . VEN Y DIVIERTETE :D
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The Wings of White Flame Saga Discussion
I have opened this forum to discuss stories within the uprising series, The Wings of White Flame Saga, starting with the story 'Second Chance' and progressing towards the series finale, 'The Catalyst'...so feel free to add in your thoughts, your predictions, and discussing of characters, whether they're canon or OCs.
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TiPo? Your opinion on this popular pairing
A open opinion forum to discuss whether or not Tigress and Po should be a couple.
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All about pandas!
Of course this forum is about pandas. What else? FISH? Ha ha ha! No seriously, there's no point in talking about anything but pandas.
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KFP based RP: general talk
There are some things about KFP RPing that in my opinion need to be discussed - enter if you're interested in the topic.
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