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Kung Fu Panda Academy Role Play
Fancy knowing what happened to Po and the Furious Five after the events of KFP2? Well, now you can know; you're the one who's making it! Create your own character, or control one of the cannon characters, and create your story of Kung Fu!
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OC Roleplay: The Treasure of the Dragon King
Join in on the adventure of a lifetime, filled with danger, action, suspense, dozens of riddles, secret tombs, and complicated traps! Don't worry, there WILL be comedy. Star as your own OC on this daring trek across China, alongside the OCS of many other RPers! And best of all, find the legendary riches of the Dragon King!
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Kung Fu Panda Roleplay
Come here to chat, roleplay, and more!
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kung fu panda OC
un mundo en el que podrás ser parte de la historia entra y diviértete todo lo que puedas . un lugar lleno de aventuras . suspense . alegría y demás . VEN Y DIVIERTETE :D
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este foro te ayudara a resolver tus problemoas con tus historias y tambien te ayudamos a darte ideas
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