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The Land Before Time Role Play
land before time roleplay
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Land Before Time
Come here to discuss the Movie Series, the TV show, or just dinosaurs in general!
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The Land Before Time Roleplay: Valley of Diversity
This is a Land Before time roleplay set about a year after the TV series featuring OCs and canon characters. It is unrestricted, so anyone is able to join. It will start as a free-for-all, but a plot may develop later on. Visit my "Join" page if you're interested!
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Dinosaur Discussion
Talk about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Talk about dinosaur movies if you like, but no character bashing!
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Great Valley Roleplay!
Choose to be a cannon character or an OC living in the Great Valley, the Mysterious Beyond, or anywhere else.
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LBT: The Time of Wolves
This Forum is to help ease the tension to those who are waiting for the next chapter.
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LBT crossovers
What do you think?
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A Sharptooth's Heart Section
Discussion about the fanfics, A Sharptooth's Heart, A Sharptooth's Heart 2, and other possible future ASH titles.
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Land Before Time Stuff
General talk about Land Before Time.
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LBT TV Series
Yes it's true! Talk about it here!
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Darth Tyranus' Errant Boy
When Littlefoot and his gang meet Obiwan Kenobi,Anikin Skywalker,Asoka Tano,and republican fleets full of clone troopers,they will face the Separatist army and General Grevious as they battle head on in an epic struggle of keeping their home safe from the
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The War Cave Twilight Valley Discussion
Discuss the war between Claw Valley and the Great Valley here.
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Thunderblade's Page
Got something you wanna discuss regarding my stories? Chat to me and I'll get back to you
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Enter The Decon
This me Jasper aka MC CJ aka The King Of Distruction from the land Before Time forums and . This forum will introduce my current project which is called Enter The Decon.
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Reviews and Beta reading
Want to know, if your story could be improved? Here you can ask people for help, and request reviews and beta-reading.
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Twilight Valley: Blood Ruby
Discussion about the spinoff, of Twilight Valley, Twilight Valley: Blood Ruby goes in here. Include suggestions, what's good, what's bad and what should be changed.
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the land before time A FASTRUNNERS TALE
talks about what happaned when Ruby was a hatchling and what did she do at that time.( some of the books tells how she met chomper and later Littlefoot and the others.
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