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The Guardians Of Ga'Hoole: Five Years Later
Welcome to the magical and high-flying world of Ga'Hoole. Become a Guardian or a Pure One and allow your wings to change the world. All are welcome and all are wanted. Rules and the form inside. Trust your gizzard and come on in. See you there! /RP/
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Soft as a Feather
This is an RP for all of you owls that have seen the amazing motion picture. Create an owl, spreads your wings, and Take to the Skies!
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The Pure Redemption Saga Discussion
I have opened this forum to discuss stories within the uprising series, The Pure Redemption Saga, starting with the story 'Between Brothers' and progressing towards the series finale, 'The Price of Freedom'...so feel free to add in your thoughts, your predictions, and discussing of characters, whether they're canon or OCs.
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Legend of the Guardians Role Play
This forum can be based on the books as well as the movie if you wish. Have fun but remember: we take our RPing seriously!
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