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Lion King 3: Enter the Pridelands
This is a Lion King role-play, obviously. Come in and enjoy yourselves with TLK! Have fun and follow the rules, please!
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Lion King Roleplay!
Roleplay as one of the main characters or a minor one. Be a member of the pride that live at pride rock or one that's a outsider!
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the lion king fan form
this is a form where you can talk about all three lion king movies 1, 1 1/2, and 2. you can also talk about other thing on topics and make a rp if you want. hope you enjoy. Don't ask me any question about it. Do as you please I know longer really care.
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Lion King: Its a Cubs Life
RP as a cub after lion king 2 here may make them older but we'll see how it goes.
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Lion king Role Play
Come Rp one of the best Disney movies of all time.
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The Lion King Mysteries
Come, discuss, and speculate the many unsolved mysteries of TLK.
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The Lion King Official RPG Forum
If you love The Lion King and love role play, this is the forum for you! Every effort will be made to keep the forum updated. Lots of player spots open. Come join the Pridelands or Outlands fun!
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Crimson Sunrise
You've heard and read of the 'What If' fanfics of Scar and Mufasa's roles being reversed. In this RP,you get to see how it goes. In this dark AU,show what it takes to survive Mufasa's rule.
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Can You Feel the Mad Loving For TLK Tonight
For random discussion about Lion King and other related topics.
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Lion King RPG
Come and be a part of the circle of life. Lot's of spaces open.
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The First Lion King Forum!
Come and talk about TLK and everything to do with it! The movie, characters, broadway play, ideas and thoughts!
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Lion King Forum, this forum better not die
This forum takes place AFTER the second lion king movie. Kiara and Kovu have 2 cubs. The cubs are both boys. So yeah you can be the other cub(since one is going to be mine) or you can be their friend, enemy, hell you can be their mate for all I care. Have fun :3
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The Expanded Universe Collection
A forum to discuss and share details on any Lion King fanfic universe, belonging to yourself or someone else. All fans and authors are welcome.
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Lion King RP Redone
since the old one died for...certain reasons...I'm redoing it. Kovu and Kiara are King and Queen, though Simba and Nala are still alive. Kovu and Kiara have two children, Muskumo and Hodari, my OCs. also, one canon per author...for now
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The Lion King: Legacies & The Lion King: Judgement
All Topics Relating to the Story, The Lion King Judgement, and the Mega-series, The Lion King Legacies.
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TLK, the expanding kingdom
A Lion King RP forum! Cannon and OCs welcome! :D don't feel limited to the Pridelands! ;
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Simba and Nala!
Talk about your love for Simba and Nala, the film and anything to do with The Lion King.
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Lion King Story Ideas
Just a place to pitch Lion King Story ideas.
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lion king: Rosepaw's destiny
join Rosepaw in this lionking rp
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The Den
A place for those of you who love writing, reading, and The Lion King. Which should be everyone, since you know you wouldn't be here if you didn't.
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Panthera, the world where big cats live in harmony. Except, that harmony is slowly falling out of key.
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Simaba, Nala more
Just talk about anyhting from the movie
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Life In The Pridelands
a series of roleplays that take part after the lion king 2
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It's A Lion's Pride
The pride rules the savanahs and it's been that way for centuries but after a while it does get old and past vengences never fulfilled are stirring. Decide how this affects you in a RP for TLK.
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Pride goeth before the Fall
Private RP (PM Admin to inquire)
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