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Lost Boys RP
RP forum. Be an OC or normal character!
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Lost Boys RolePlay
Because there isn't enough Roleplays out there. OC's welcome!
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Dead Still Beating Hearts
This is a forum to discuss the Lost Boys movies, roleplay, pin up ideas for fictions, or even connect with like minded people.
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Lost Boys Fanfiction Challenges
Ever had a specific craving for a Lost Boys story and can't find one like it? Well come on in and post or discuss it with us! Someone might write it for you! And, you might find a challenge that you like as well! :D
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Let's Talk About The Boys
It's plain and simple. Anything Lost Boys related. Thoughts on the cult-classic, thoughts on the other two movies, theories, questions, the usual discussion topics.
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David and Star's relationship
For those of us who have watched Lost Boys, we all know about David and Star, but do we really know what they're relationship was? Write what you believe they're relationship was and why. I love hearing what other people think they're relationship was so
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Lost Boys Slash
Okay I just thought I'd make this cuz I want somebody to talk to about the uberly awesome slashiness that can be found(or created) in Lost Boys. That and it's always nice to have somebody to bounce ideas off of.
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Lost Boys Movie RPG
A roleplaying game of the Lost Boys movie, it will take place before the movie, but Michael, Sam and Lucy have already moved to Santa Carla. We need David, Michael, Sam, Edgar, Alan, Max, Lucy, Star, and the other boys! I am only allowing 4 OCs.
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Murder Capital Of The World
bunch of new RPs. Also, post your ideas for OCs here!
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Lost Boys Challenges and ideas
Anything that hasn't yet been done or explored, try it out here.
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Are you Lost?
Come and be one of us! Join the club!...
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Reviving a heart
Grace is a new girl who's moved into the infamous city of Santa Carla with her mother, unknowingly that her new frineds and boss are in fact vampires. Dwayne, Paul and Marko take a liking to her and think of her as a sister, when for the first time in yea
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Website For Lost Boys RPG
I have created a seperate forum from ff.n for Lost Boys RPG. There is still a lot of positions to fill and you can even have your own OC's. URL inside.
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