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Mad Max Hell on Earth
The world is dead. years ago, we killed it and now, we struggle to survive on it's corpse. The innocent people of the world died with it. they were lucky. the good people became cruel and the bad one's became...psychotic. now, the maniacs rule the world. the killers, the lunatics, the mindless savages and the heartless murderers are thriving. water is scarce, supplies are scarce, even the precious oil they pump into their war machines is indeed scarce. the only thing that is in abundance is dirt...and scrap
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The Plains of Silence
Welcome to the Plains of Silence. Welcome to where the dead haunt the living and the living hunt each other. We're fightin' for resources out here. Water, food, scrap. We're all just trying to survive.
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Into the Dust - A (very loosely) Mad Max Roleplay
After the Oil wars came to a close, there followed twenty years of peace. Peace; filled with hardship, suffering, and struggle. Then emerged the Warboys, and the Water wars began. Now, with the collapse of the citadel and the release of all water into the desert, once more there is peace, but this time it is harsher than ever before. Now there is less oil, less water, and less food; with the last vestiges of humanity clinging on to whatever they can find out in the wasteland.
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Tales From The Dirtlands
Welcome to the Dirtlands If you wanna survive, you're gonna need skills, and you're gonna need to be ruthless. Got it? You don't have to be mad. But it helps. (Open.)
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