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Matrix Roleplay
Do you feel that this world is not what it seems? That there is more to it than what you can deduct with your senses? Then take the pill and see just how far the rabbit hole goes. This is the place to discuss and be part of the Epic Legend of the Matrix.
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Matrix RPG
Set a generation after the third movie, there's a new threat that can destroy the fragile peace between the factions. Can you stop it?
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Would You Escape?
What if you were given a chance to escape the Matrix? Would you take the Red Pill or the Blue one? Come and discuss your thoughts here!
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The Matrix Role Playing Game
Welcome to the future of the Human race. We made machines to think for us and now they are as sentient as we are and don't care for any moralities that we drive ourselves to. Play as anyone you want, canon or custom made character. Roleplay with others as you wish or join the main RP where we will start off before Neo was born in the current set Matrix (the version that Neo knows) and go from there. Play well.
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Agents: The Badasses of the Matrix
A forum to discuss my favorite characters in the Matrix trilogy: The Agents! How do you portray these guys in a fanfic? If they can feel anger and hatred, would they be able to feel other emotions as well? Share your ideas on these awesome programs here!
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Post your Matrix related challenges here!
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The Discussion
Have you ever wondered if we are living in The Matrix? Have you ever wondered what everyone meant by the metaphors? Have you ever wondered what went wrong. Well here, you can talk about that, all you want. It's here that we can discuss everything.
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Matrix RP
I know other Matrix RP studios exist, but they are mostly inactive. Feel free to join!
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What's Wrong With Them?
Lot's of people utterly hate the Matrix sequels. But why! Matrixsequelhaters, post your opinions as to why you think the second and third Matrix movies suck. Matrixsequellovers, post here to say why the second and third Matrix movies are awesome.
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Animatrix archive
The episodes were short, but they were good. Thinking about trying to write some stories off of a few of the episodes. Anyone want to show some support? Q:If I, do should it go under the matrix catogory in movies or have its own catogory in movies or anim
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Discuss anything and everything about Trinity
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Le Ch√Ęteau
The Source cringe of discussion for all things Exile. Who is that Chinese bloke in yellow? What does 'Q Ball' mean? And where did Serpah's 'other name' come from? Come talk.
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Matrix Revealed
Common knowledge: this trilogy is filled with goodies and secrets. Want to discuss some of the hidden meanings found in this enigmatic actionpacked trilogy?
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Le Chateau de Merovingien
A place to discuss fanfiction about the Merovingian and his circle
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Lethe by ironical jester
Does anyone have 'Lethe by ironical jester' saved? and would be willing to send it my way? Thanks!
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