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No You Can't
All those who voted for Megamind: Evil Overlord gather here! No Role-Play, please.
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Megamind RP
Roleplay for Megamind! Add your OC, be Megamind, be anyone and do anything you want in Metro City...but follow the continuing storyline. Put your character info in first, and I'll say whether you're accepted or not :3
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Megamind RP OCs Allowed
RP may follow movie plot, or branch off. Oc's are allowed, and anyone who applies does not need to be accepted. Just post your character and go to the RP.
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What ever you think about Dreamworks Megamind.
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MegaMind twist
I've read plenty of Megamind since it came to this site but we don't see a lot of pairings other than MegaMind and Roxanne, what do you think?
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