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A discussion group about some different ducks couples and why they could go together.
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Any and all talk about the Mighty Ducks.
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I've lost another one!
I read this story a few years back, and cant remember the name of it and wanted to recomend it to a friend. Basically, Connie and Guy have broken up and she accidently posts a wanted ad in the school newspaper, and soon everyone is using the newspaper as
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A Detriot native by the name of Tilly Vaughn got recruited to play in the Junior Goodwill Games because of her skills in skating gracefully and her magic with a hockey puck.. she no worries upon what the people say because she loves herself as much as she loves hockey. Tilly’s having a good time being with the others, but she has a better time once she finds herself liking Jesse Hall. Yes, the rough kid himself. What can possibly happen when you put a hothead and a sassy diva together? I hope you guys enjoy!
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