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Monsters University, world of RP!
Come to Monsters university to become a top scarer! Create a new trainee, Rp as you fav character from the movie and much much more!
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Monsters University Role-play
You can role-play as your own monster at Monsters University! Be in any fraternity or sorority you want: ROR, JOX, OK, EEK, HSS, and PNK. (this is my first forum so people please help!)
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A Monsters Inc/Monsters University rp for anyone interested in will rping.
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Randall General Forums
Surprise no forums are here.....Talk about anything Randall. Lizard monster fans are welcome!
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Monster INC RPG and Discussion Zone
A place to discuss the characters, parings, story ideas, and rps
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Monsters Inc love triangle
Role play with the movie! If you love the movie, you want to join here
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We Love Randall!
Randall Boggs is possibly one of the best characters ever made. I wish pixar loved monsters inc as much as toy story. Monsters Inc is under-loved!
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AU: Teenage BooSully Pairing
It's something that been on the mind lately after I'd watched Monsters University. Originally, before Monsters Inc 2 gotten changed and transformed into Monsters University, the story revolved around with Boo being a teenager whom moved out from her neighborhood- thus, having Sully and Mike travel the globe just to find her. Anyway, back to point- anyone thought about them... well, together if Sully was still 18? Couple pairing since these two are teenagers, maybe?
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Monsters University: Scare Games RP
The sorority's are competing in the Scare Games. You can create you own sorority by giving it a name and accept members only six please. New Challenges will be added to the forum through out the days.
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Anybody there?
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Randall is found by a human and is nursed back to health while Sulley wonders what happened to him.
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