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Monsters University, world of RP!
Come to Monsters university to become a top scarer! Create a new trainee, Rp as you fav character from the movie and much much more!
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Monsters University Role-play
You can role-play as your own monster at Monsters University! Be in any fraternity or sorority you want: ROR, JOX, OK, EEK, HSS, and PNK. (this is my first forum so people please help!)
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A Monsters Inc/Monsters University rp for anyone interested in will rping.
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Welcome To Monstropolis
Boys and girls of all ages, welcome to Monstropolis! Have you ever wanted to become the top notch scarer? Well, your in luck! Or do you want to go to University first and join a sorority? No problem!
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Randall General Forums
Surprise no forums are here.....Talk about anything Randall. Lizard monster fans are welcome!
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Monster INC RPG and Discussion Zone
A place to discuss the characters, parings, story ideas, and rps
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We Love Randall!
Randall Boggs is possibly one of the best characters ever made. I wish pixar loved monsters inc as much as toy story. Monsters Inc is under-loved!
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Monsters Inc love triangle
Role play with the movie! If you love the movie, you want to join here
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AU: Teenage BooSully Pairing
It's something that been on the mind lately after I'd watched Monsters University. Originally, before Monsters Inc 2 gotten changed and transformed into Monsters University, the story revolved around with Boo being a teenager whom moved out from her neighborhood- thus, having Sully and Mike travel the globe just to find her. Anyway, back to point- anyone thought about them... well, together if Sully was still 18? Couple pairing since these two are teenagers, maybe?
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Monsters University: Scare Games RP
The sorority's are competing in the Scare Games. You can create you own sorority by giving it a name and accept members only six please. New Challenges will be added to the forum through out the days.
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