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Monsters vs Aliens
The first MvA forum! A general chat forum for fans of the movie. Come here to share your fics, talk about the movie, discuss the various merchandise on the shelves, or just to meet other fans.
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How to Piss Off Our Favourite Heros
It was bound to happen some day or other. How do us scary fan-children want to piss of the MvA characters and make their lives total hell? Well, now we know. Every character you want to tick off. From lil' miss Jello to the President himself
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A Monstrous Idea
A forum where you can give out ideas for futer stoires, talk about your own stories or the movie in general! Everybody is welcome!
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New characters
Have any new characters added to your monsters vs. aliens fanfics? Feel free to tell as about them. Please be nice.
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Monsters vs aliens Telelvision series
you read right MVA fans they are making a Monsters vs aliens television series going on Nickelodeon its going to be starting March 26th, 2011 lets talk about how cool it will be and what not
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What Would Happen
What would happen if the characters from the movie somehow met the characters from Naruto-Naruto Shippuuden characters can also be included
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when Hera meets Sta'abi
this is a short story of my OC self Hera jewel meets Sta'abi
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