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Pretty much for anyone like me who likes to feel like they are part of the movie.
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Mulan, Mulan, Mulan!
Talk about anything, the movies the characters, anything!
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Mulan 2 forum
Share your thoughts with others about Disney's Mulan 2.
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TenYear Anniversary!
What are your perspectives on the movie, looking back on it now? How has it changed or touched you? What kind of impact do you think it has had?
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What do you want in a Mulan FanFiction?
What do you look for in a FanFiction when you start searching for one? This space can just be used for general ideas and we can all have a better time viewing the stories. Post now :
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ShangPing: We Just Like To Pretend It's Slash
Admit it. The thought has crossed your mind at some point you may not even realise it, when exactly did Shang fall for Mulan? Was it before she was discovered as a woman, or was it after?
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Elemental Dragon
A place to talk about your Mulan story ideas,views on the films and legends.You may seek and offer advice to fellow writers. Even if your only a fan , your more than welcome to come aboard.
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To All the White Mulan Authors
This forum is to help our friends who write Mulan as wearing white on her wedding day and black at a funeral and people addressing their elders by their given names and 'I love you's being thrown around everywhere and calling hanfus kimonos.
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