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mummy 3
The new Movie! News on mummmy 3 or come and talk about the other 2 movies.
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Mummy Roleplay
A roleplay based off of the movies, "Mummy," and "The Return of the Mummy." This forum has two parts, a future roleplay and a past roleplay. Imhotep has been placed under a curse by his eldest sister, the only reason why he messed up in the first place, and it's up to his wife and his other siblings to try to free him from it.
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egyptian princess of 1290 bc's place to chat
a place where we can all just talk about things mummy, i do love the mummy and feel you can not get enough of it.
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Story Chat
basically you can talk about your fave. stories here
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Story Help
I need help to post my story on
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Ardeth rocks! who agrees?
if Ardeth played guitar as much as he is HOT, he would play like Van Halen
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Who should Alex be more like his mum or dad?
Okay I just want to know who thinks Alex should be mor like his mum or dad...and how old he will be in the next movie...so what do you think!
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The Book of Slash
Come and discuss your favorite Mummy slash pairings from Rick/Ardeth to Jonathan/Imhotep. Talk about the latest and greatest fics, fanart, and fanvidsm and help keep this small community alive!
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