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The Crazy Night at the Museum Forum
want to talk about you favorite character? How about your favorite pairing? Need help with a fanfic, or want to run a potential idea by other fans? This is the ultimate forum to go to for all your Night at the Museume needs.
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A Night At The Museum: The RP
Well, who doesn't want to be a museum exhibit that comes to life at night? Or someone that interacts with them. Origonal characters and OCs are welcomed.
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Night at the Museum RP
Once Larry Daily retires they move most of the important 'animatronic' figures to the Smithsonian, included the tablet. Now the whole museum has come back to life and everything is peaceful... or is it? Now you can be either a night guard keeping it all a secret, or a historic figure that has come to life.
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All of us Big Sibs hold a special place for Kahmunra in our hearts, we all know how he feels and deal with obnioxious parents about a whole mess of things. Here is a place where you can drop the BIG SIB STORIES FROM HECK.
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Night At The Musuem is Awsome!
Come on come all! If you love NATM then you'll love this! Anything you like can be used her...Night At The musuem related though!
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Night at the Museum RP!
Night at the Museum RP! Everything will be decided by voting!
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Night At The Museum discussion forum
Discussing NATM and stuff. :B
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Madison Daniels Saga Forum
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Night At The Museum: Originals and Doppelgangers -RP-
A role play forum for fans who wants to role play either the original characters, a doppelganger or both.
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