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Halloween Roleplay
Come here to roleplay anything about Nightmare Before Christmas.
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The Nighmare Before Christmas
Twas a long time ago,longer now than it seems,in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.For the story that you are about to be told,took place in the holiday worlds of old....
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Nightmare Before Christmas: Horrors of Halloweentown
Come roleplay as horrifying creatures in the one and only Halloweentown, or play as a human who mistakenly lands in the dead forest. The choice is yours! :D
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Nightmare Before Christmas Mafia
Halloween Town has been infiltrated by the dastardly mafia. Even the scariest beings of the night are frightened for their lives. Can the good townspeople protect themselves and find the mafia, or will the mafia triumph and take over Halloween? All are wary of the singular person who seeks to take Halloween all for themselves. Ratio: 10:4:1
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The Next Nightmare
The new generation of Halloween Town has arrived and they are being apprenticed and assigned to do things by their own parents. But what if those people from the other holidays found them?
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The nightmare before christmas Roleplay
Takes place after the movie. It's Halloween night and Jack and sally are out and about scaring the children. Sally heard someone crying in the cemetery, a human girl about 13 ish. I'll explain more in the forum.
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The Nightmare Before Christmas rp
A rp for one of the most amazing movies ever!
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For those of you who are totally, 100%, triple summersault certain that Lock and Shock will never, NEVER, EVER!, willingly be boyfriend and girlfriend.
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The Nightmare Before ChristmasWhat an awsome Movie
this forum is here for talking about the movie and about any questions comments and concerns...pssshhh there is also a freedom to talk about anything in this forum! so come along and we can all go into a convo about whatever!
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Lock, Shock and Barrel Heck yeah
All fans of the trio, WELCOME! Other people, eh... Anyways, this is for the trio ONLY. Some Oogie, maybe. I expect lots of LockxShock fluff, for I am a fan of such fluff. WHY AM I TALKING SO STRANGELY! Oh God. Just come in...and take...a peek! ;D 8D
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Deadly Nightshade
A forum for Jack and Sally obsessionists, and anybody really. No JxS bashers allowed! lol, jkjk.
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Nightmare Before Christmas Roleplays!
Here you can Create Roleplays Of TNBC!
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Oogie fans come here!
A forum for anyone who likes Mr. Oogie Boogie! Talk about him here! No flames about Oogie allowed.
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Halloween Havoc!
No rules, no plots just random conversations for you characters...of course...Plot if you wish. New characters introduce themselves In town Hall please!
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I know someone already has this, but I want to do it. Please join
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Nightmare Before Christmas
I didn't see the point in keeping it a private roleplay so open to all who are interested.
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The Nightmare Before Christmas Roleplaying
Create characters and play around in the Nightmare Before Christmas world. Mr. Ooige Boogie I hope you won't mind another NBC roleplaying forum.
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In this town of Halloween
Role-Play forum for TNBC OCs are more than welcome, and keep everyone in character .
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Nightnare Before Christmas is Supercalifragilistic
Here you can discuss everything TNBC as long as it's good. YAY TNBC!
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Pick of the Pumpkin Patch
Forum for the subscribers and watchers of the Pick of the Pumpkin Patch C2. Come in and discuss your favorite stories or authors, toss around ideas, suggest a new Pick, or just mingle with fellow TNBC fans.
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Randomness Forum
This is where we can talk about anything! Talk about NBC or whatever you want!
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Tender Lumplings
For whatever NBC fan who dosn't want to RPG. Join ASAP. Talk about the songs and plot ideas that you don't really have time for. Plot bunnies to go to a good home.
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Ask Us Anything!
Yes, you heard right! This is for any Nightmare fan who wants to ask your favorite characters questions, or be on the receiving end. More info inside.
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Ask The Nightmares
Always wanted to ask you favourite TNBC character a question and realised that you can't? Now you can!
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Nightmare Before Christmas
A fourm dedicated to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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