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Canceling the Apocalypse RP
Fight for Earth, and humanity in this RP. Design your own Jaegar and characters, and even your own Kaiju. Everyone is welcome.
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Fighting Monsters RP
"In order to fight monsters we created them" This is a role play taking place before the movie where players can create their own Jeagers and fight the mysterious and powerful sea monsters
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The Pacific Rim Fanfiction Exchange 2013
The Pacific Rim Fanfiction Exchange 2013 is an upcoming project in which Pacific Rim fans will exchange fanfiction — from oneshots to multichapters. —SIGN UPS OPEN!—
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Pacific Rim Showdown
who's side are you on which jaeger/kaiju will you create? how will you beat the jaegers/kaiju in the ultimate showdown in the kaiju war? or do u think fate will decide? what if the kaijus won would you rebuild the jaegers? you are free to make up rangers too!;)
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Once more, unto the Breach
You, a ranger, have been entrusted to pilot half of a jaeger,, a giant robot meant for fighting giant monsters, with your close co pilot who is controlling the other half. Your enemy, Kaijus. These giant beasts are killing machines, hell bent on destroying earth's largest cities. You are humanity's last line of defense, so go out there and kick some ass!
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