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Peter Pan Mafia
It's just a normal day in Neverland, where dreams come true. But those dreams could be crushed when a devious mafia comes around to kill everybody in Neverland. So, the town must band together and stop this mafia. But, it would seem that the mafia isn't the only thing the town has to worry about...
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Never, Neverland
A place where no one ever ages, a boy who can fly leads a band of lost boys, pirates patrol the bay, mermaids drown people, and a pixie for every child alive lives.
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Peter Pan is a Vampire
Come join this forum and make up your own character!
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You know the story, you know Peter, Hook, Tink, the lost boys, Tiger Lily, and more. But now, what if a magic orb took you to Neverland, and so many others? Would you meet Peter? How would you survive? With more and more people comming to Neverland. Your one of them. Come on in, and don't die. . .
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Never NeverLand RPG
Here you can roleplay and chat. It's for all random roleplays too that anyone might like to do. One rule you play the character you registered for the ones i create on the reg. Keep all roleplays away from general apart from general roleplays.
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Okay, something's amiss here
Questions asked, stretch your imagination and try to answer the questions. Or give a few theories of the fandom yourself!
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Peter Pan grows up
Peter Pan decided he need to "grow up" a little and experience life outside of Neverland
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New author! need help!
Yes, i am a new author of Fanfiction and i would like to advertise my new story. Boy No Longer, starrin Peter Pan. I dont ask that you love my story an you dont have to follow it. i just want feed back. Since this is my first REAL story and i would greatly appreciate feed back. Please as fellow authors, i want feed back on my writting style and way of bringing the story togetehr as a whole. please help me. i want to know if i am good at what i love.
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