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Phantom Roleplay:
A Phantom of the Opera Roleplay: for all of those who Listen To The Music of the Night. Can't get a character you want somewhere else? Well, give here a go. OC's are welcome.
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Past the Point of No Return - Delà du Point de Non-Retour
A forum for Phantom of the Opera roleplaying. We offer both French and English, as well as lessons in French, if you would like to learn. Un forum pour jeu de rôle du Fantôme de l'Opéra. Nous offrons le français et l'anglais, et, aussi, les leçons en Français, si vous voudriez apprendre.
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A Year Later
Set one year after Christine marries Raoul and leaves the Opera House. The theatre has been rebuilt, and is found to still be home to the famous Phantom. What will Erik do without his beloved Christine? OC's welcome!
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Phantom of the opera rp
Come in and rp the show that never got a proper ending...phantom of the opera!
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Fantôme de l'Opéra: Music of the Night
If your Love Never Dies for the Phantom of the Opera, then this is the forum for you. Roleplay as the Canon characters, or submit your own, it doesn't matter.
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Phantom of the opera RP
Two different versions for my OC
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Gerard Butler ROX!
This forum is to talk about The Phantom of the Opera, the movie! And why Gerard butler is amazing! Also, feel free to talk about Moulin Rouge too!
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Angel of Something Else Entirely
Love Meg? Hate that her subplot was so small? Think she and Erik could've been great together or that at the *very* least they'd have made awesome best friends? Think she was probably a way more interesting character than Christine? Ready, set, discuss!
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GiroGirl's Phantom of the Opera Roleplay
Come here for Phantom of the Opera roleplay! Come and pick out a character. OC's welcome!
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POTO 2004: Interesting Things & Discussion
Discuss the 2004 POTO here! Wanna talk to other phans about the movie? Itching to say something about it, but don't know where to say it? If so, post here!
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I Love Erik!
Where Phantom phans can Chat about our favorite Phantom, Erik.
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Hidden Plot
If you know anything about the hidden plot of the 2004 ALW movie PLEASE post here I would love to know more!
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The Phantom of the Opera RP
Taking place during the movie, Meg finds Erik. Erik is still madly in love with Christine though. Give this movie the ending it should have had!
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Phantom Of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera Discussion Board and Story discussion :
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Phantom of the opera rp
It's been 5 years since the disaster, and the phantom is stirring again...
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Just Didn't Quite Work
For all of those rare, rare slash fans in the beloved POTO fandom. Discuss any slash/fem-slash pairings you wish.
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Mystery Legends PotO Game
Have you played BigFish's "Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera"? Did you love it? Hate it? What about the ending? Come on inside and let's chat it up!
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Phan Girls Rule!
Anything Phantom anything goes Bashing aloud lol! Have fun!1
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25th Anniversary
Discuss anything phantom on it's 25th Anniversary
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Amazing story missing
Okay, so I really don't know if this is okay to do - but I'll cross my fingers and hope it's okay, 'cause I need a little help here... I read an AMAZING PotO story about two years ago which was about new chances: It started of with Christine lying in her bed in her and Raol's home, old and dying and regretting what she did to the Phantom.. then a woman appeared, said she was death/angel of death/something like it, and gave Christine a new chance to make things in a different way: basicaly, she'd be trans
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Howdy. I'm addicted to POTO fanfics, of a very particular variety. Plz fuel my addiction friends 2004 Phantom Erik/Christine pairing Very few, or no appearances from raoul Simple and fluffy plots that do not sTrESs mE oUt Lots of adorable kissy ness and Erik being happy I LOVE good modern aus These types of quality fics are hard to come by so if you write stuff that fits in these categories, or youre willing to write some stuff, HMU I can pay you in: Extreme gushing fangirl praise Leaves Special moonlight S
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Erik and Christine: Loves Secret (Remastered)
A story about discovering what they really want in their life. For Christine Daae is engaged to the ViCompt and Simba is engaged to Nala. But Christine’s heart is longing for Erik Destler (The Phantom). Erik wants her and the cubs as does Raoul. but one thing that each of them share is that they don’t want history to repeat itself. This is the story of returning love for both
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