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Pirates of the Caribbean!
Welcome to the Caribbean mate! Play as a favorite character or make an OC! Everyone is welcome!
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Pirates of the Caribbean RP
A roleplay based on the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: The New Age
Pirates. Once they claimed freedom over the Ocean and lived their lives with none able to hold them down. Then came the time of change, when the Governments took control over the ocean with their great Navies, and brought pirates to their knees, before leading them to the gallows. All seemed lost until the last remnants gathered their forces and found the nine great treasures of the sea using their powers to reclaim control of the sea and drive back the government. This is their tale. This is the New Age.
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POTC: Pirate Glory RP
Ahoy thar! Lookin' for thrills and adventure? This is the place! Roleplay as various POTC characters or submit an OC, then join the crew. An opportunity of adventure, ocean air, pirate life, mermaids, undead friends (and foes), and TREASURE lies ahead, so come aboard, me hearties!
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So many POTC rps are on hiatus, haven't been up in quite a while, or stopped after barely anything because the creators loose interest. This is not one of those role plays, savvy luv? There will be pre, peri, and post movie roleplays, so whichever one you'd like to join, either claim or make a character and have at ye!
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Pirates of the Caribbean RP
Welcome, me hearties, to a time when pirates ruled the seas and the only thing that could stop a man from achieving his dreams was a lack of a boat or a fear of the waters.
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