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You're not afraid of the dark, are you?
A Riddick roleplay for your enjoyment. Come join the crew of the Hunter-Gratzner, the prisoners of Crematoria, or the Necro's in world domination. Everyone is welcome that has experience roleplaying and can write a decent post.
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Riddick Pitch Black Challenge
This is a challenge out there for everyone who is willing to write a Riddick fanfiction with these specific guidelines.
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Talk about the moive, more though about CoR
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like to write about Riddick? Pitch Black? play here
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Afraid of the Dark?
Riddick fans welcome. A little place to discuss random Riddick thoughts
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Character, Story and Style
Sometimes you just wanna write something self indulgent and fun... sometimes you want to really tell a story that wont leave you alone. Share how you get to that point.
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Door 37
like the story? got something you don't like about it? ... got an opinion or you just like to discuss it ... well come here .. i'd love to hear what u god!
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The Animal Side
Riddick and Jack. Read 'A Passage' and have a question that you feel needs to be addressed? Just wanna shoot the breeze about Riddick's 'Verse? Looking for intel about where he's from, where he's been or how he's gotten this far? Come to The Animal Side.
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Eyes Like That
Got thoughts, concerns, or even some fangirling you wish to share? Feel free to do so here. We'll discuss many things Riddick, not just pertaining to Riddick, either. I look forward to seeing your thoughts!
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Alles ├╝ber Riddick
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Who's the better Killer?
Let's Play! I created this forum with the intention of providind a place where my fellow Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick fans can post story challenges. Do you have a PB/CoR concept you'd like to see come to fruition? Write your prompt here!
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