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Pitch Perfect
A Pitch Perfect RP! Make an OC to join the Bellas or the Trebels. Also you can claim a Cannon Character! Chat with other Pitch Perfect fans! So come on in to join the fun! Takes place after summer break of the Year where the Bellas won!
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Pitch Perfect RP! :D
Come join Jesse and Beca in a new year at Barden! Claim a character, or make your own :)
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Pitch Perfect Oh Yeah
Well this is a story all about how Beca's life got flipped turned upside down and I'd like to take a minutue just sit right there ill tell u how she became a dj in a town known as barden lol role play
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Pitch Perfect 2
Make an OC or pick a Cannon Character and join the pitch perfect gang in their adventures of BARDEN UNIVERSITY!
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Pitch Perfect Contests
Here I will be hosting writing contests for Pitch Perfect! At this point, I will be the only moderator and judge, but if you are interested in being on, just PM me and I'm sure we can't work something out! :)
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Traditions of Their Own
One shots of their holidays, traditions, and birthdays. This is my first fanfic so constructive criticism is very much appreciated.
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Never Fly Too Close To The Sun -Discussion, Questions, Requests, Etc
Want somewhere to quiz me on why I've written someone/something a certain way? Or maybe you want to discuss with others how you've interpreted chapters? Alternatively, do you have some requests of what you'd like to see in future chapters/the narrative? Here is the place to discuss! Just create a forum topic and type to your heart's content :)
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