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Princess Bride The book
Everyone's seen the movie, but how many hardcore fans have read the book too? Anything about the book drive you wild? Did you actually read the introductions? A place to discuss anything and everything Princess Bride... book.
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The Princess Bride an RPG
Ever wanted to experience Florin? Let's create our own sequel to The Princess Bride! Both book and movie apply, and OCs are encouraged.
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Who did what?
Basically a place for discussion or quesstions regarding Princess Bride. Who played what role, what a certain character said or did, and, of course, the age old debate...
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Have any good screen shots of TPB? Post them in this photobucket group! Or you could just browse around and look at the awesome pics other's post .
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Prince Humperdinck
Why is there no good fanfictions surrounding Prince Humperdinck! Why is it always slash? Now, I know that I must not be the only girl with a teeny weenie crush on him, right? Unless...I am...
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