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The Princess and the Frog
Have fun chattin' about your favorite scenes, characters, and what not. Remember to have fun! :D
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The Princess and the Frog: RPG
Even thoguh Dr. Facilier is gone, a new evil threatens the town. Is it true that Dr. Facilier is back? Or is it someone much worse? OCs are welcome including Canon claims : Have fun ;
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Tiana & Naveen
This forum is decaited to our favorite Princess & Prince, Tiana & Naveen! So if you just love these charcters from the movie, this is for you! Discuss anything about these charcters from the movie. "A kiss would be nice, yes?"
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So who else never really found Naveen to be a jerk
Yes, Naveen fangirls, this is for you guys. Anyhoo, I never really thought that Naveen was really a jerk in the movie. Did you? Discussion shall commence...now.
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Dr Facilier: Disney's Sexiest Villain?
So, I've seen the Princess and the Frog about...oh...3 times now, and I'm here to say the Dr. Facilier is one sexy voodoo man! And it seems that I'm not alone in this opinion based on some of the fan work that's floating out in the internet. So, come and
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