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Push The RP
Since all the Push Roleplays seem to be dead this is my own personal brand of CPR
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Preying on the Powerful - Push Roleplay
It's a Push RP, and all are welcome. This forum is advanced and you've got to try your very best :) No canons, OCs only. The plot is community-driven.
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Drive Me to the Edge
Push roleplay forum. 8 years after Kira, Nick, Cassie and the others battle with Division and the family from Hong Kong. Original Characters, Canon allowed.
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Push Back
It's been several years since the American Division lost a sample of it's synthetic drug, which was meant to empower Psychics. This security breech left Divisions scrambling for better methods to capture Rogues, who they seek to bring into their ranks or use as test subjects. Not all sit and wait to be captured; fractions have appeared, groups have banded together, who wish to fight back against the Divisions who hunt them. However, not all fight with the same methods or even with the same goals in mind...
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Push: RP of Today
Thought I might try my hand at my own: A role play. Not in a specified place. Come have fun.
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