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Flight 1019
Onestop spot for all Red Eye needs. Discuss pet peeves, plotbunnies, fic recs, theories, and how you feel about The 'Ship I think there's only one...unless someone's written JC. NOT a place for random CillianSqueeing
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A Fine Line
Come discus anything related to Red Eye!
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Femalebased emotiondriven stuff
This is the place to post all of your other forums, such as those that are about the actors, the other people, or even just a good suggestion for the sequel. I haven't got any rules, except the obvious.
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Red Eye Songs
A Red Eye forum for those who wish to either submit a challenge to RE authors for them to base a story around a certain songs, or simply want to suggest songs that remind them of Red Eye or the JacksonLisa pairing.
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