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Resident Evil RP
Join us, fight Zombies, and even discover new Viruses o.0
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Resident Evil RP
Resident Evil roleplay, just like is stated. I will have places from each movie that was you can choose where you wish to start, but it's going to be mostly OOC [No Cannon Characters!]. So join and enjoy. (I may put in place for game later on, but right now I don't know enough to do so. PM me if you think you can help me with that.)
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Resident Evil: It returns
its been 20 years since what happened with alice and nows its happening again
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The Resident Evil Forum
A forum dedicated to the general discussion to the Resident Evil Movieverse Series. 100 Percent free of PRGs and Unchecked Spamming.
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Resident Evil Apocalypse
I love the Apocalypse movie but i hate the fact that LJ and Carlos die! It almost killed me when they died. Tell me what you thought of the movie, I want to know everyones opinions.
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Resident Evil RP:Raccoon City :Will you survive th
When Raccoon City was infected with the T-Virus they had shut it down and now there is no way out... Or so they think . When some living humans non-infected from the T-Virus come out of hiding to find the only secret entrance out of this heck hole they h
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Resident Evil RP
Title says all. Just come in, make a character and get started! Having fun is the number one rule
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AliceClaire Shipper
We need to get some new stories on here to feed the addiction for those of us who love the idea of Alice/Claire! Anyone else with me on this? Anyone have any good stories that haven't been posted on this site already? I'd love to hear from you.
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