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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Welcome at Rio forum!Here you can share your ideas and comments about the magic world of Rio!Talk about what you think about both movies and your expectations for new sequels! Feel free to post new topics, roleplayings are allowed.
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Brotherhood of the Pen: Rio RP
Here is the Brotherhood of the pen's sponsored Rp for the Movie Rio. Anyone is welcome, and enjoy!
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All about Rio! RP allowed!
Hello all! Welcome to this forum! You are welcome to start any thread related to Rio, but make sure you don't create a thread that has already been created!
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Rio RP
Just one of the many role plays for the movie Rio. All Rio fans are welcome.
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OC's world 2: Better, NOT BEING DELETED!
Like the title says, this forum IS HERE TO STAY! Improved version of 'OC's world'.
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Rio Roleplay
Roleplay takes place after the movie
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Jesse Award Discussion
This is where the Jesse Award Ceremony will be held. All official categories, guidelines, nominations etc. will be posted ASAP. All interested participants should keep track of any new developments here.
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Rio: What species of bird would you be?
We all wonder how we would look like if we were birds, this is the place to express that wonder :D What would you be?
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Rio Discussions and Roleplay
Come fellow fans of Rio! Here you can discuss a range of topics or create your own character to role play! Bare in mind: we take role playing seriously! Otherwise have fun in the bright and colourful world of Rio!
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The Branch
You wanna party? You wanna samba? Come to the Branch and hang out!
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Tell me all about Nico! and why you love him!
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Rio Paradise
A forum where you can Roleplay as characters from the Rio series! Fan characters and Crossovers are allowed!
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The Fallacies of RIO
Like many of you, I fell in love with the movie Rio and its loveable, feathery characters. HOWEVER, I as a parrot owner couldn't help but notice its abundance of factual errors regarding parrots. I will discuss them here for anyone interested.
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Rio Fans
Holaaa n.n Bienvenidos. Aquí pueden hablar sobre muchos temas de conversación, tanto de la película como de otros temas. Pasen, conversen, sean amigos, jueguen, DIVIERTANSEN!
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Tired of haters
I've seen a lot of stories recently regarding Rio 2, and people saying it is a bad movie just because they assume multiple things. Here's some examples: Blu or Jewel don't care for each other or their children, Roberto trying to take Jewel back, and other stuff. I'm sick of those trolls telling these lies and wish they would stop. Rio 2 was a great movie and I hope they keep the franchise going. Who agrees with me?
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¿Y qué opinan de Rio?
El título lo dice todo n.n
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The New Rio
Right after the Rio Movie, and before Jewel and Blu have their kids.
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Will rio 2 coming for real in 2014? :D
Guys,let's talk something about rio...hope rio 2 will come... :D
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A Tropical Roleplay
A Roleplay of our favorite movie, Rio ;D 'Cuz it deserves it! x3
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Rio Sequel Lovers
for those who love Rio sequels
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So let's talk about the author who is ruining this community?
Allow me to express my thoughts on the author who is destroying this community.
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Thats Not Rio!
Whats the most, un-rio, messed up idea we can plunge the characters into? Fanfic Brainstorming.
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Fave Stories
In this Forum, just chit chat on which stories are the best...In your eyes
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Rio Fanfic Suggestion Board
Although I usually have two to three stories written prior to release, writers block may be a reason I wouldn't post on schedule. This suggestion board is for things you'd like to see in the plot of one of these FanFics, and though it may not be implement
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RioGascar chapter update forum
this will tell people when the next chapter for the Fanfic RioGascar is up
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