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Sky High Roleplay
What the movie Sky High doesn't show is that Sky High isn't the only school for superheroes. There is also Eastridge High, a school notorious for it's super villains. When Eastridge High is destroyed the students are forced to temporarily attend Sky High. What happens when two rival schools are pitted together? What happens when the students realize there is a greater threat than each other? Come in and find out! Ideas and all credit goes to 780261
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Sky High Rolplay OCs
Welcome to Sky High. Where your OCs can learn how to use their powers for good instead of evil. Come make friends (or eneimies)! I don't bite, so join the fun! I notice there was only 1 rp in this section and it was dead so, I made one myself.
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The Generation of new super-powered kids are starting at sky high. But how will they're years at Sky High turn out? Only you can decide! RP
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Sky High RP Forum
Sky High RP Forum, I kept finding RPs that either died or aren't very active. Feel free to join...
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Sky High RP
There will be an RP with both OC's and Cannon's and one for just OC's(With the exception of teachers)
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Sky High
Any one that likes Sky High you are welcome.... The title says it all......
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Warrengothgirl thing
Why do all the girls that Warren falls for have to be insanely Gothic freaks of the night?
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He deserves a forum. What do you think about Lash?
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Warren and Layla Shippers
Anything that has to do with Warren and Layla from the movie Sky High
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Zach and Magenta
A forum for fans of Sky High's alternative couple.
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Baron Battle, the unknown villain
He is the super villain who is Warren's father. Why does he fascinate us? Here we talk about him, including how we imagine him and who would play him in a sequel. This includes Warren's mother you can't really talk about one without the other.
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Will Stronghold
just like the title says! anyway a place to talk about the main character and the cutie actor who plays him.
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Magic Fun
I have a challenge for you for an HPSK fic it can go however you want but Harry has to be in there to heck it even can be slash for all I care harrywarren but you have to make them meet sometime in their young lives think you can do it.
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Looking for a person?
Need to find a certain person? Try posting here and perhaps you will!
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Need A Beta?
In need of a beta reader. Check inside.
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Will and Gwen stories
this forum is to write fics about Will and Gwen, and mostly Romantic stories with Will\Gwen pairings.
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Zach Forum
For all who love Zach, hate him, wanna talk about him, want ideas for a fic about him, anything that has to do with Zach, come here to discuss it.
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Sky High fan fiction
Forum for my Sky High fan fiction. Nature and fire, Heartless, Mother Nature, A Thousand Paper Lanterns.
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